CleverTouch Plus 70 Inch LED Full HD 1080p Touch Screen Interactive Display

CleverTouch Plus 70 Features a 70 Inch at Full HD 1080p Resolution. The LED Screen offers a 16:9 Aspect Ratio and 10 Touch Points.


CleverTouch Plus 70 Inch LED Full HD 1080p Touch Screen Interactive Display

CleverTouch Plus 70 Narrow bezel and modern design
Front mounted USB ports for Android and PC
10-point touch with gesture control
Built in Cleverstore app store – Exclusive to Clevertouch plus
Powered by Android
Full HD 1080p resolution, and 4k models available
Available in: 55”, 65”, CleverTouch Plus 70, 75”, 75”4k, 84”4k

What you can’t see inside a CleverTouch Plus 70 touch screen is the innovative, rich technology that sets it apart. Technology powered by Android that creates a truly unique and immersive user experience.

  • Connectivity includes HDMI, VGA, RS232 and USB.
  • Widget lets you annotate over any app, document, or external source.
  • Email out function allowing you to send files and images from the unit.
  • USB ports and key function buttons on the front of the screen make it easy for anyone to enter the room and present. Simply switch on and go with the ability to access files easily.
  • The Plus has 2 Android front ports and one PC front port.

Integrated Full HD 1080p 10-point touch Android 4.2.1 with 1.5GB RAM and 8GB ROM. Clevernote Take notes, make pictures, and brainstorm. Finder Intuitive le browser helping you nd your les, faster. Browser Browse the web straight from the Android system without a PC. Widget Annotate over and capture anything on the screen. Cleverstore The new app store exclusively available for Clevertouch Plus with free apps for education, business and general use.

Clevernote annotation software is so easy to use, it requires no training – even young children can walk up to the screen and start annotating with our simple, intuitive interface. Change the background colour, pen colour and line size so that you can easily brainstorm, paint pictures or annotate.

Cleverstore – the new app store exclusively available for Clevertouch Plus
We have spoken to educators and looked over best app lists to source the most useful education apps on the market. The apps are ad-free, so teachers don’t need to worry about inappropriate or distracting adverts popping up and interrupting the lesson. The apps that we have chosen are age and curriculum specic, with fun games and books for children, and interactive activities for secondary pupils. Cleverstore allows students to experience The Very Hungry Caterpillar in Full HD, access Wikipedia without the need for a PC, and send information directly from the front-of-class Clevertouch to their personal devices.

Additional information

Weight 73 kg
Dimensions 111 × 1650 × 1004 cm
Aspect Ratio


Screen Type



Full HD 1080p

Touch Points


Screen Size